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Encouraging accordionists to play proudly!

Closet Accordion Players of America (CAPA) is an organization for anyone who loves the accordion but also has a sense of humor. We take our beloved instrument seriously, but we aren't afraid to smile (at least once in a while!) at all the accordion jokes out there.

Yes, in the past, the accordion developed a bit of a reputation as a nerdy instrument. (Steve Urkel on the show "Family Matters" certainly didn't help matters any.) But times have changed! 

It's free! 
nerdy accordion player and glamorous accodion payer
accordion unde a trench coat

Should you join CAPA? Just for fun, take this quick test!


 It all started because of a remark an old friend made to me. She found out I played the accordion, and she was shocked. “How could I not know that about you?” she asked. ....READ MORE

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