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Have You Hugged Your Accordion Today?

Celebrating National Accordion Awareness Month

Cheri Thurston

Have you hugged your accordion today? June is National Accordion Awareness Month. Don’t let the month pass without doing something to celebrate the accordion. Here are just a few ideas:

Photo by Rene Bernal on Unsplash

  • Make reservations to attend one of the many accordion events taking place around the country each year.

  • Take your accordion in for repair, if it’s been needing some attention.

  • Play for a child.

  • Offer to give someone accordion lessons.

  • Sign up for some “refresher” accordion lessons yourself.

  • If your accordion has been sitting in the closet for a while, take it out and play it.

  • Buy yourself a new accordion.

  • Try out a midi accordion.

  • Learn a new number and memorize it.

  • Make your own “Happy Accordion Month!” greeting card, and send it to someone who needs to be enlightened.

  • Buy a CD or an mp3 file that features the accordion.

  • Play the accordion every day for the entire month of June.

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