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This is a woman we can all appreciate!

This has never happened to me before. I was at a party talking to some people, and someone happened to mention that I play the accordion. (Okay, that's happened before, but not the next part.) A young woman gushed, "Really???? I LOVE the accordion!!!" And no, she was not an accordionist herself.


It turns out this young woman visiting Colorado from New York City is quite an accordion aficionado. She goes to accordion festivals. She follows different groups. She attends the National Accordion Association orchestra presentation each year. She knows, in fact, more than I do about "what's happening" in the world of accordion.


But here is the most amazing part. She told me about recently being on a plane with terrible turbulence, so terrible that she was truly afraid the plane was going to go down. What did she do? She got out her phone to text her brother. She wanted to be sure he had a certain accordion group she likes play at her funeral!


Now that's a true accordion fan.

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