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New Years Resolutions for Accordionists


Each December, shortly before the new year dawns, newspapers all over the country start running stories about New Years’ resolutions. I’ve seen just about every kind of story imaginable on the subject — except for one specifically addressing accordionists.

I’m going to try filling a void here. Below is a list of suggestions that you, as an accordionist (or an accordion lover) might choose from when you are considering New Years’ resolutions:


 If you own your own business, resolve to offer to pay for six months of free accordion lessons as a company benefit. (You might be surprised. I offer that benefit and have had many staff members take me up on it over the years.) If you can’t find an accordion instructor near you, try visiting for information about correspondence lessons.


Resolve to put a picture of an accordion or an accordionist on your computer start-up screen. (That accordionist might be you!)


Resolve to support your back. I found a cheap folding chair from Target that fits me perfectly and gives me great back support. For about $10.00, I greatly reduced stress on my back, and I take the chair with me whenever I perform.


Resolve to log on to an accordion web site like at least once a month, just to keep informed.

Resolve to support accordionists by buying an accordion CD every month or so. You can also go to web sites like,, or If you can’t afford to buy CDs, see if your local library has any you can check out.

Resolve to treat yourself to a massage at least twice a year. Playing the accordion can strain some of your muscles. Give them a treat!

Resolve, if you’re shy, to play for someone several times next year. Maybe it will be a three-year-old grandchild, residents of a nursing home, or your mom. If you’re nervous, start with something simple, like playing “Happy Birthday” at a birthday party.

Resolve to find an accordion buddy. Meet regularly to play together and perform what you have learned for the other.

Resolve to support your “habit” by treating yourself to a metronome, a new accordion case, a new music stand, or a new piece of accordion music (try

Resolve to buy a rolling luggage cart, to help you transport your accordion more easily.

If you live near Castiglione, Browns’ Music, Petosa, John Gaunt Accordions & Keyboards, Accordions International, Boaz Accordions, or any other accordion store, pay a visit. You might find a lot to inspire you!

In June, do something special for National Accordion Awareness month.


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