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Want to win cash?

from CAPA member Sandra B. Greenstein:


The best folk genre accordion soloists and/or back-up accordionists can win cash-prizes of $200 to $500 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, California, Saturday, October 12.


There is no fee to participate.  Our goal is to promote more accordion performances. Accordions add musical delight to the folk genre, but aren’t heard enough.  Any accordion style that fits FAR-West is eligible for this cash-prize event:  solo or back-up in a duo or band—piano accordion or diatonic—concertina, bandoneon, melodeon, hand-pumped harmonium etc.—so long as bellows are employed.  Performance can accompany folk singing and/or other instrumentals as back-up and/or solo interlude (take it, squeezebox)—you get the drift!  The accordion need not be the performers’ mainstay, just must be part of it.  Objective judge(s) with accordion expertise will advise an event sponsor to decide cash award(s).  


Those wishing to participate can sign-up in advance at  or on-site at the FAR-West Conference.  Sign-ups will continue as long as performance time-slots remain available on 10/12/19 in PGS Room 312, which is named “VARIATIONS”.  Find the FAR-West Conference PGS sign-up process online. 


This event is NOT part of a major concert showcase. It will take place in a small room where NO amplification is allowed. Each performance may not exceed twenty minutes, including any set-up time.  There is no fee to enter.  A fluid audience of interested parties may be present in addition to judge(s) and sponsor(s). Time-slots will be assigned by the order in which sign-ups are received.  This is a first-time event—some details will be worked out as questions arise.  Please email any questions you have to — subject line:  ACCORDION QUESTION.

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